Ever have one of those days…

Howdy everyone! Have you ever had one of those days / weeks where things just go a little hinky? Well this is how last week into today has been.

Great news is that our paperwork was accepted by the adoption agency [WHOOHOOOOOOO] – I just had to bring in our fingerprints and I was going to do that on Thursday…left work and got to the agency a few minutes too late – they were closed. Ok, that happens – no big deal. So I went back on Friday morning on my way into work…yeah they were closed again (Good Friday – Christian organization…) oops – my fault for not asking what their hours were. I did reach out later on to see when our coordinator will be in on Monday – 7:00am – once again I’ll try and drop off our fingerprints before work.

Next adventure: So on Saturday I was scheduled to get a new tattoo, I’ve had the appointment since the beginning of March – confirmed with the shop that they received the image and we were set to go….I go in at my scheduled time and it turns out that the shop fired the artist I was scheduled with the week before and they forgot to call his appointments to let them know…well ok then. Irritated I left, picked up Hunter and we headed home. He went down for a nap and I got to painting the kitchen 🙂

Successful Saturday in the paint and decorating aspect of the day! I’m in LOVE with the new color in the kitchen!! I love it so much I decided to also remove the wall paper in the entry closet and paint that as well. Like I said successful Saturday. Now just figuring out what pictures, sayings, mirror…..you know a little decorating.


So that brings us to today! Easter Sunday! It’s a beautiful sunny day, a little chilly but really beautiful. We started off the morning with some snuggles, Hunter helped me make some chip dip to bring to Aunties house for Easter lunch. He also helped me make breakfast for everyone – eggs – he also learned how to see if eggs are still good, a little science in the morning never hurts 🙂

Headed off to church, had the perfect Easter service, the sermon was on point, the music was amazing and the atmosphere was buzzing with the Lord’s presence. Then headed home to let the dogs our before heading to lunch….well….once we were home Ryan went to shut the garage door and there was a HUGE crash. Yup, turns out that the spring on the opener broke. Oy (insert eye roll). This house has been one thing after another and I really REALLY hate reaching out the the home warranty company to get things fixed – it’s been a fight for the last two months to get our ice maker fixed…


Anywho…claim has been sent, now waiting to see when someone can come out and fix the door. Always an adventure at the Paddock house – I wouldn’t really have it any other way though. So what’s on the list:

  • Garage Door
  • Ripping out basement carpet
  • Installing new flooring in the basement – NOT carpet, some sort of vinyl flooring that will stand up to dog nails and toddlers
  • Finishing painting Hunters room (should be working on this right now…)
  • Start | Finish nursery
  • Hanging pictures and artwork through out the house – my walls are too blank

That’s that! A few things going on – but tomorrow I WILL get those fingerprints dropped off and talk to our coordinator to figure out what our next steps are.

Until next time! Have a great week!!!


Paperwork Deadline…..TOMORROW

Well hello everyone! I know that I said I was going to give an update after the all day adoption class a few weeks ago….sorry about that — life happens and we got busy.

So here is a recap of that day, it was truly educational and some parts were really interesting and others we feel that we could have done without. The meeting was for anyone using the agency: Domestic Infant, International, Foster to Adopt or Foster — we had a really nice mix of everything with this group. It was really neat to hear what everyone was doing and to connect with others who are on the same path as we are, it was reassuring that we aren’t alone in the process and the speaker mentioned a few times about creating our ‘tribe’ and that the people in the room are the beginning steps to creating that tribe.

Our first speaker talked about Trauma, Brain Development and Attachment. The last one ‘Attachment’ was the MOST interesting topic of the day. I didn’t realize how important it is in the first month of adopting a baby to really set the attachment. I never thought that there could be issues with the baby attaching to Ryan and I when we bring them home. I’ve given birth – Hunter knew our voices from day one in the womb, he knew who I was when he was evicted (c-section). But to think that this new baby won’t know who I am, won’t know our voices, won’t know the sounds of our daily lives is a lot scarier than I thought any of it would be. Our speaker STRESSED the importance of the attachment period and told us for the first month to limit passing the baby around to family and friends. The first month it should only be Ryan and I holding and taking care of them so that we are able to form that attachment together.

THIS IS HUGE – something that I do not want to get wrong, kinda stresses me out a bit. Like I said, this was the most interesting topic of the day for me and I want to do more research on the topic. There have been suggestions out there if you have a good relationship with the birth mom while she is pregnant, to record your voice talking, singing or laughing and have her play it for the baby, it may help with attachment in the early stages of the relationship.

Since this class was for everyone using the agency she didn’t spend a lot of time talking about the attachment with infants more so for fostering families and international adoption. We will have another class solely dedicated to the Domestic Infant process and what to expect — I am really looking forward to that class.

Continuing on with our day we also talked about Trans-Cultural Parenting, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health. It was a day FULL of information and we also were able to bring home  all the the presentations as well as other articles and resources to read through at home.

On the way home there was a lot of discussion of the day, our thoughts and added fears. It was a really great day and I am ready to see what the Lord has in store for us down this path.

Blog Post

So….where are we at now in the process??? Well tonight we had our tax appointment (I know, I know crazy exciting – right?!?), anyways we needed our return for the Formal Paperwork packet, which I will be turning in TOMORROW! Yup, tomorrow we will hand over our envelope that has:

  • MN Application
  • Background Study info & Fingerprints
  • Financial Statements
  • 3 years of tax returns
  • Statement of Faith
  • Individual Fact Sheets
  • and MUCH more

I’m nervous, stressed, excited and hopeful. I’m also not sure what happens next….do we move on to the Home Study portion or do I make our look book (if so I need to schedule family pictures – gotta look nice or and put the nursery together), are we able to look at waiting families or do we just sit tight for a bit….I have NO idea and it’s driving me a little crazy. I’m a planner and I need to know these things, but again this isn’t in our hands – It’s in Gods hands and he knows what the next steps are and where to go from there.

Side note: To be completely honest, I still struggle almost daily with knowing that we are not going to get pregnant. Every day I walk into my closet and see this: and yes – that’s two gallon size bags of IVF needles, I still can’t part with them. They are apart of our story and one Blog Post 2

day I’m going to be able to get rid of them but it’s not going to happen today. I still struggle when people tell me they are having a baby. Happened just yesterday I had someone I work with come up to me, pull me aside to let me know she is 11 weeks pregnant and wanted to let me know before I heard it from anyone else because she knows the struggles we’ve had – as much as I really do appreciate her telling me and taking my feelings into consideration it is still hard to hear. And then there are others who have struggled to have a family and unfortunately know the feeling of loss who are now having a new little one who I am truly excited and happy for. It’s all a bunch of crazy feelings all balled up that I deal with.

Poor Ryan has to deal with me and all my craziness – bless him 🙂 I will say, that he is the best partner to be on this adventure with though. He supports my crazy and also calms my crazy. He helps keep me on the ground, he’s a pretty amazing person.

Blog Post 3

Well that’s all for now….



Getting closer…

picSo tonight’s project was to go through the Formal Paperwork Checklist – we only need a few more things and we can turn it all in!! We were given 30 days from the time our Formal Application was accepted to have all of this turned in — this is all due by March 23 (no pressure).

So what’s left you may be asking…

  1. Heading to the police station to get our fingerprints done (I know right…we will need to do this every year that we aren’t able to adopt – not sure if your finger prints change or why we would need to do this again, but it is what it is and we will do what we need to do)
  2. Have our tax appointment and turn in the last THREE years of our taxes (oy…along with taxes we also need to write down all of our debt, assets and anything else you can think of that deals with money). This part is really stressful because we will be having someone go over our finances and then they will come to the house to check that out as well, along with interviewing Ryan and I alone and then together. It’s all a little overwhelming. What if they don’t like us on the paperwork and haven’t met us yet? What if they don’t think I keep a clean enough house? What if they see our debt to income ratio and think that we aren’t fit/able to care for another child? These are the things that keep me up at night.
  3. Still need to take the 2 day training classes (first one is this Saturday — so stay tuned for a recap of that class. From what I’ve heard it will be a very emotional class, especially since we’ve gone through so many issues with infertility. I was told to bring tissues)
  4. Waiting on our official background checks to come back so we can turn those in with the other paperwork

Once everything is turned in we will need to complete the remaining hours of training, put together our look book and pray that there is a birth family out there that is searching for a family like ours. This is something that we pray for every night – with Hunter he will bless his baby brother or baby sister and then go to bed.

Speaking of Hunter…we’ve started purchasing some children’s books about adoption to read with him. Right now one of his favorites is How I Became a Big Brother – it talks about international adoption (which we aren’t doing) but it is a really cute story. He is only two but it’s never too early in our minds to start talking to him about being a big brother and what that means.

Big Brother Book

Right now I feel like we are one step closer but still so far away. I have a few ‘draft’ ideas for our look book but even thinking about that is overwhelming. I keep running into road blocks: what needs to be highlighted, what are birth families looking for when they look through these books, what if I have too much information or not enough – will we be passed up, do we need to get professional family pictures (of everyone or just us…) My mind never stops.

Has anyone reading this been through the process? If so, I would LOVE to hear your story, advice or any information you’d be willing to share.

Thanks everyone! We would love continued prayers for this adventure